Accommodation Information

The city of Santiago is divided into comunas (Municipalities). Recommended comunas to stay during the conference are Santiago and Providencia. Santiago comprises the city center and most of the historical attractions. Providencia, at the east of Santiago, is a more modern suburb with good restaurants and hotels, where part of the business district is located.
From the airport, the alternatives to arrive at your hotel are a transfer service or a taxi. We recommend you to take official services at the airport (Taxi or transfer Oficial at the booth). There is also a bus (called Centro-Puerto, buses are blue) that arrives at the city center in Los Héroes Station, connected to the Metro network.
From Santiago and Providencia is easy to access the conference and school venue by Metro. In Santiago, there is an integrated bus+metro fare system using a smartcard (Tarjeta Bip), which can be purchased at any metro station.
If you are a foreign visitor to Chile, then you are entitled to full VAT exemption for accommodation. You do not need to pay 19% tax in the hotel provided you: 1) Show your passport to the hotel cashier, 2) Pay your expenses with cash, in US currency. Therefore, it is a good idea to bring US bills, even if you do not use that currency in your country. You can also change some currencies to US dollars or Chilean pesos at “Casas de Cambio” in downtown Santiago. The Casas de Cambio typically accept Euros, British pounds, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Japanese yens, Argentinian pesos, and Brazilian reals.
We suggest the following hotels listed below that are located near the conference venue. There are many restaurants and cafes nearby (Lastarria street, and crossing the river, Bellavista neighborhood).

For more options, you may visit